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Nella Vulight

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  • The Nella VuLight is a single-use speculum light that provides optimal illumination of the cervix.

Nella Nuspec

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    The Nella NuSpec is a gentler, more ergonomic speculum for ultimate patient comfort and provider performance.

Nella Vusleeve

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  • The Nella VuSleeve is a novel speculum sheath that retracts and protects excess or lax vaginal tissue.

A Clinically Proven Solution

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Nella VuLight®, the best-in-class, single-use LED illuminator for any vaginal speculum.


Nella VuLight shown to have 44% higher lux than a standard gooseneck exam light.

Increases Visibility

- Focused LED brings light directly to the cervix during exams and procedures
- Bright white LED adds illumination without heat
- Truer tissue color rendition compared to typical overhead or gooseneck lights

Illuminates Consistently

Reduced risk of light blockage from blood or fluid— VuLight secures to the upper bill of speculum
Reduced risk of light blockage from tools— simply rotate along bill to adjust placement

Easy to Use

- Fits most sizes and types of specula, metal or plastic
- Easy-pull activation ring
- Reduced risk of cross-contamination compared to gooseneck lamp


Always Focused Illumination

Top bill placement ensures light isn't blocked by blood, fluids or tools during a procedure.


Works with All Specula

The Nella VuLight fits our NuSpec and existing metal and plastic specula.

Keep patients safe & comfortable with Nella® VuSleeve®, the single-use tissue retraction sheath.

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Increases visibility and access to cervix

Retracts vaginal sidewalls, improving quality of care for any exam or procedure
Retains excess tissue for otherwise difficult in-office colposcopy and hysteroscopy

Enables patient comfort

Protects vaginal sidewall tissue during electrosurgical procedures
Increases patient comfort and reduces need for a wider speculum
Latex-free material material insulates patients from a cold metal speculum

Easy to Use

Designed to fit most common speculum sizes and styles, metal and plastic
Paper applicator ensures quick and easy placement on speculum

Nella VuSleeve provides improved cervical visibility

Nella VuSleeve-Speculum-Sheath

Improved Patient Comfort

VuSleeve's latex-free material allows a smaller, more comfortable speculum to retract more tissue and insulates patients from the coldness of a metal speculum.

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Fits Your Existing Speculum

With a paper applicator, VuSleeve is quickly and easily applied to most existing metal or plastic specula, providing adding benefit to any exam or procedure.

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